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Symposium Papers and Presentations Archive

You can search within the text of documents and presentations in this archive by visiting the US/ICOMOS Collections on Scribd.

Title Author(s) Year Type
A Look at an Evolving City: Charleston, SC
Winslow Hastie
2011 Presentation
A Preservation Charter for the Historic Towns and...
1992 Paper
A Road-tested Model: The Richard Morris Hunt Fello...
John Robbins
2008 Paper
Achaeological Looting Statistics: The Real Scope o...
Todd Swain
2010 Presentation
All at Once: Approach to City's Historian Off...
Ihosvany de Oca Morales
2003 Paper
América: el sincretismo mas grande de la historia...
José Marti
1996 Paper
Approach to Defining Authenticity in Architecture...
1996 Paper
Architectural Character vs. “Contemporary Stamp”
Clem Labine
2011 Presentation
Autenticidad en la práctica de conservación de Can...
Herb Stovel
1996 Paper
Autenticidad y Arquitectura Vernacula
Blanca N Norton
1996 Paper
Autenticidad y El Patrimonio Cultural Del Peru, La
Comite Peruano del ICOMOS
1996 Paper
Authenticity and Peruvian Cultural Heritage
ICOMOS Peruvian Committee
1996 Paper
Authenticity and Vernacular Architecture
Blanca N Norton
1996 Paper
Authenticity in Canadian Conservation Practice
H Stovel
1996 Paper
Authenticity in Monuments and Historic Sites
Enrique X de Anda
Jorge A Manrique
Augusto Molina
Louise  Noelle
1996 Paper
Authenticity: Why and for Whom?
Gloria A Hasemann
1996 Paper
Babylonian Initiative: Heritage Development in Sou...
Alvin Rosenbaum
2004 Presentation
Before and After: The Foresight and Hindsight of S...
Frank G Matero
2009 Presentation
Buenos Aires, Cultural Landscape: The river; the p...
Maria De La Nieves
2006 Paper
Building an International Movement: National Herit...
Suzanne Copping
Eleanor Mahoney
2008 Paper
Capacity Building Program for the Conservation, Ma...
Norma Barbacci
2008 Paper
Carta de Brasilia
et al.
1996 Paper
Champaner Pavagadh Cultural Sanctuary, Gujarat, In...
Gary Kesler
D F Ruggles
Amita Sinha
James  Wescoat Jr.
2004 Paper
Charter of Brasilia
et al.
1996 Paper
Charting the Emergence of a Knowledge Economy in...
Laurie Zapalac
2010 Presentation