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Doctrinal Publications

Charters Adopted by the ICOMOS General Assembly (off site)
UNESCO - ICOMOS Documentation Centre (off site)
Cultural Heritage Policy Documents (off site)


Proceedings of Annual Symposium


USICOMOS Quarterly Newsletter

(Since 2009, the quarterly newsletter has been depreciated in favor of a monthly email newsletter)


Number 2
Number 1


Number 4

Number 3
Number 2
Number 1


Number 4

1999-2004 (not available online)


Number 5
1998 US/ICOMOS International
Calendar, Grants, Member News
Number 4
News from Peru
Archaeological Sites Conservation
Historic Hotels in SE Asia
Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property
International Mid-Career Exchanges
Number 3
New Charters
ICOMOS Strategic Plan
Brick Masonry Conservation
Illegal Traffic of Cultural Objects
International Poster Competition
African-American Heritage Sites
San Juan World Heritage Site
La Plata Cathedral, Argentina
Georgian Republic Report
Sho-Hondo Temple, Japan
Tyre, Lebanon
Sintra, Portugal
American Express Watch Grants
Coalition of Historic Sites of Conscience
Number 2
US/ICOMOS International Symposium
Letter from the New Chairman
Minutes of the Annual Meeting
Cuba Lecture
1997 US/ICOMOS Annual Report
Number 1
US/ICOMOS Study Tour to Cuba
Preserving Hispanic Built Heritage
ICAHM Meeting in Sri Lanka
ICOMOS Strategic Plan
World Bank Cultural Heritage Network


Number 6
1997 US/ICOMOS International Summer Intern Program
By-Law changes to be voted at annual meeting
Conservation Efforts in Moravia
News of Members and Friends
Number 5
US/ICOMOS Earthen Architecture Committee Newsletter
Call for Nominations for Trustees, Officers and Fellows
ICOMOS Meeting in Brazil
News of Members and Friends
Number 4
Risk Management Workshop
ICCROM Student Journal
Specialized Committee Directory
Calendar, Grants, News of Members
Number 3
Vernacular Architecture in Thailand
New Structures Committee
Preservation Law in Weimar
Congressional Update
Number 2
House Challenges Preservation
Report from Chairman Ann Webster Smith
Minutes of the Annual Meeting
Report from Australia
World Heritage Report
1996 Annual Report
Number 1 Archaeological Heritage Management Issue
International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAM)
Mali, Jordan, Nicaragua, Labrador...


Number 6 Cultural Tourism Issue
Regional reports from Europe, Caribbean, Oceania and the Pacific
US/ICOMOS Specialized Committee on Cultural Tourism
Internships announced
Number 5
Domestic threat to World Heritage
World Heritage Newsletter
11th ICOMOS General Assembly
Connally awarded Gazzola Prize
1996 International Summer Intern Program
Number 4
US/ICOMOS at the National Trust Conference
Report from New Zealand
El Salvador's Heritage after its Civil War
World Heritage in the U.S. Congress
Number 3
Interamerican Authenticity Unites ICOMOS in the Americas
The Declaration of San Antonio
GIS/GPS Course sponsored with NPS
ICOMOS 11th General Assembly in Sofia, October 1996
Peru's Heritage under Siege
Number 2
US/ICOMOS moves to the Building Museum
Internet Resources for International Cultural Heritage Protection
Chairman's Report on the Annual Meeting
Number 1 (not available online)


Number 6 Earthen Architecture Issue
Issue devoted to the work of the US/ICOMOS Specialized Committee on Earthen Architecture
Reburial Research at Fort Selden
Using chemicals to save adobe
Mud mortars at three Anasazi sites
Adobe at Fort Union; earthen plasters at Mesa Verde
Conservation Program for the Neolithic settlement of Catalhoyuk, Turkey
Conservation course at Chan Chan and Trujillo, Peru
Number 5
US/ICOMOS wins USAID Jordan project
30th Anniversary of ICOMOS celebrated in Cracow
Heritage & Social Change to be theme of 11th ICOMOS General Assembly in Bulgaria
1995 Summer Internship Program
1996 Short Courses Abroad
Number 4 1995 World Heritage Issue
Nomination of the Savannah City Plan
The US and World Heritage Cities
1994 World Heritage Sites
Reports from US World Heritage Sites
Cultural Tourism Chair comments on Son et Lumière at Borobudur
20th Century preservation
Number 3
ICOMOS Regional Meeting of the Americas in Santo Domingo
Cultural Heritage at Risk
International Conference on Mediterranean Sites
Number 2
Plans announced for Inter-American Symposium on Authenticity
Report of the Executive Director
News from Specialized Committees
New projects
Number 1
Report of the Annual Meeting January 28
Election of new officers and board
Remarks of the new chairman and new executive director
Reorganization of the national cultural tourism committee
Call for papers for the Symposium of the 11th General Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria, Oct. 5-9, 1996
Report of Hanoi symposium, November 1994


Chairman's status report
National Summit on Emergency Response, Dec. 1
Internet Update
Number 11 Cultural Tourism Issue
Vol. VI, Number 1 of the Newsletter of the International Committee on Cultural Tourism
ICOMOS in the information business
Annual meeting of the Cultural Tourism Committee in Budapest, Sept. 26
1994 American Express Preservation Awards
Cultural Development and Tourism at UNESCO
Report on the Montreal Conference on Building a Sustainable World through Tourism, Sept. 12-16
Number 10 Earthen Architecture Issue
Issue devoted to the work of the US/ICOMOS Specialized Committee on Earthen Architecture
International update
Conservation of the Royal Palaces of Abomey
Out of the Earth Conference at Devon
Ruins and Plaster Stabilization at forts Union and Davis
Geotextile Shelters (Fort Selden)
A preservation philosophy for vernacular architecture
El Cuartel (Santa Barbara)
Historic Adobes at Pecos NHP
Cahokia Mounds
Number 9
US/ICOMOS strategic planning
Draft goals statement
1995 nominees sought
Number 7-8
Recent Hague Convention activities in Washington
Women in preservation awards
ICOMOS activities at the National Trust conference
Number 6
Architectural Conservation at Archaeological Site in Gordion, Turkey
US/ICOMOS Summer Intern returns from Stone Town, Zanzibar
Numbers 4 & 5 Historic Landscapes Issue
Committee on Historic Landscapes
Poland Post-Puckler
US/ICOMOS Summer at Park Muskau; International Expert Meeting on Cultural Landscapes; Cultural Landscape of Sanssouci
Number 3
ICOMOS in the Information Age
Madagascar, new look at Cultural Properties
NPS Training Directory announced
National Preservation Technology and Training Board Members Appointed
Numbers 1 & 2


Numbers 5-10 (not available online)



US/ICOMOS Annual Report


Occasional Publications