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Velina Pandjarova

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Velina Pandjarova's conducted her internship with the Historic Charleston Foundation in Charleston, South Carolina.  This organization was founded in 1947 to help restore and preserve Charleston's extraordinary architectural and cultural heritage.  Founded in 1670 and moved to its present location in 1680, Charleston become one of the prominent and prosperous cities in the American colonies.  The present-day city contains numerous examples of 18th- and 19th-century architecture.

Velina continued with documentation of historic buildings in Charleston, similar to past US/ICOMOS interns with that organization.  Velina made measured drawings of the historic Robert William Roper House at 9 East Battery in Charleston. The Roper House, built in 1838, is one of Charleston's most monumental Greek Revival houses.

With its narrow end facing the street, the massive five-columned Ionic portico was intended to be seen by approaching ships from miles away. The house follows a side-hall, double parlor plan, but boasts a large west wing added by late 19th-century owners. Original interior detailing includes classical imagery.

"The drawings are spectacular because of the magnificence of the house itself and the exquisite detailing as hand recorded by Velina.  One set of plans has been sent to the Library of Congress...."


Charleston, SC
United States
32° 47' 34.9908" N, 79° 56' 28.6584" W
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