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Ricarda Cepeda

Home Country: 
United States

Ricarda Cepeda's internship involved a flexible program that allowed her to work on various projects.  The Transylvania Trust is a registered charity, set up by conservation professionals and volunteers in 1996. Their principal aim is to conserve and promote Transylvania's rich and diverse built heritage, to encourage the society to be receptive towards the built environment. The Trust is active in all fields of conservation: data-recording, inventory, survey, building restoration, maintenance, training, and also scientific research.

Ricarda had the opportunity to work on a number of different projects, including

  • documentation of Bontida site carpentry and masonry restoration
  • establishing survey and lab experiment guidelines for material conservation,
  • performed a mortar analysis of samples removed from two building sites, and
  • edited conference papers in English for an Historic Structures Conference that was schedule for November.

"Traveling to different sites with these trained professional and experience first hand their work.  I traveled with my colleagues, as well as made my own side trips to gain a better understanding of Romania's heritage and landscape."


Cluj Napoca
46° 45' 17.7012" N, 23° 35' 59.1972" E
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