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Edward G. FitzGerald

Home Country: 
United States
Intern Report: 

Hosting a US/ICOMOS for the first time, the Scottish Stone Liaison Group (SSLG) provided all of the funding for this internship. The SSLG is a non-governmental organization that advocates the use of native stone to help secure a future for the Scottish stone industry. The SSLG serves as a link between geologists of the British Geological Survey, Historic Scotland, the Construction Industry Training Board, quarry owners, municipal planning authorities, and architects and their clients.

Ed spent much of his time conducting research on Scottish stone and stone masons believed to have had historical ties to buildings in North America. In addition, he assisted the SSLG staff with redesign of the their webpage, produced a brochure based on an investigatory report on the condition of Glasgow’s stone-built heritage, and prepared briefs on the impacts to stone from climate change and the social, environmental, and economic consequences of importing stone from India and China.

The SSLG also allowed Ed to take part in ancillary programs. He assisted with the survey of a medieval church in the Scottish Highlands and participated in two courses offered by the Scottish Lime Center (another NGO based in Charlestown), and met with numerous heritage professionals in Edinburgh and elsewhere.


Charlestown, FIF
United Kingdom
56° 2' 19.4136" N, 3° 30' 6.5016" W
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